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Dan the man! Dan is our token Tech guy and bankroll that saved Paul’s dream of roasting coffee. Dan had been watching the evolution of Paul's craft and assisting from time to time for a few years before he invested in Paul’s dream at a crucial time to help keep it alive. As pivotal as that was, Dan’s biggest contribution is that he is a coffee snob who makes a fresh pour over batch in his Chemex every morning. Working at LinkedIn since 2015, Dan also happens to have a rocket science degree from USC. We figured if this guy likes the coffee, we must be doing something right. Right!?




Randy became a Registered Nurse after the Army and has worked in the ICU for 20+ years. Paul and Randy have worked together for the past decade and recently have come together to take Drip Coffee Roasting to the next level and bring the exceptional taste to your coffee mug. Randy knows what quality coffee truly tastes like, and his detail oriented approach to achieving perfection in every drip is second to none.




Ivan was born in Belgrade, Serbia and moved to Cleveland, Ohio in 1999. Ivan eventually became a registered nurse and moved to California in 2017 as a travel nurse. During Covid 19 pandemic while on assignment, he met two other colleagues at work who shared the same passion and vision about coffee. On his spare time, Ivan enjoys traveling, sports, and spending time with friends and family.




Paul is a Registered Nurse that has worked in the ICU for over 20+ years, (noticing a pattern yet?), but behind the scenes he’s really a genius mad scientist coffee guru that has a little hippie in him! Paul started roasting coffee in his garage during the Covid pandemic, which shut down his newly launched coffee shop. Hippie right!? All kidding aside, Paul has created unique Guatemalan, Ethiopian, Honduran, and Costa Rican coffees that will change the way you look at coffee and possibly open you up to a new appreciation for it.
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